Mobilising Capital for Sustainable Investments and Economic Growth

The inaugural Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum (ADSFF), part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, is the first event in Abu Dhabi focused on increasing the adoption of sustainable financing and driving capital towards investments that have positive economic, social and environmental impacts.  

The ADSFF is one of Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) flagship initiatives and sets the stage for ADGM to unveil its plans to create a robust and global Sustainable Finance Hub.  This invitation-only Forum will convene top global institutional investors, regulators, ESG project stakeholders, academics and key influencers to share insights and deep-dive into discussions around four key pillars of sustainable finance defined by ADGM and their specific impact on the financial industry in the region.

Participants of ADSFF will have the first opportunity to recommend and shape the proposed architecture of ADGM's sustainable finance hub framework, influencing business behaviour and long-term finance practice in the local and global community. 

The Forum will build on previous efforts in sustainable finance and provide an open platform for effective dialogue between leaders and decision-makers from the public and private sectors. The much-anticipated ADSFF will be held on 16th January 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC).

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Why You Should Attend

  • This Forum sets the stage for collaboration offering vital insights from industry leaders, government officials and senior executives of the world’s most sophisticated investors to help mobilise sustainable investments
  • Articulate goals and objectives around future economic growth and investment strategies to achieve mutual benefits
  • Help frame ADGM’s deliberations around Sustainable Finance through a series of in-depth discussions among event participants
  • Build stronger co-operation with national and international players to help raise capital, manage risk and enhance returns
  • Advocate efforts towards real actions that serve to unlock significant private sector financial flows
  • Discover new Sustainable Finance initiatives announced at the Forum

Key Themes and Focus


Integrating Sustainability into ADGM Regulatory Framework


Building Stronger Cooperation Among National and International Players


Fostering Greater Communication, Knowledge and Awareness of Sustainable Finance


Creating a Robust ADGM Sustainable Finance Platform to Support the Industry and its Related Activities

Key Industry Leaders and Speakers

Video Library

Thomas Hirschi 

Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Global Market - Part 1

Andy Cairns,

Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Finance, FAB

Mohamed Jameel

Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer, Masdar - Part 1


Thomas Hirschi

Executive Director, Abu Dhabi Global Market - Part 2


Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi

Chief Executive Officer, Masdar - Part 2


Dr. Obaid Saif Al Zaabi

 Chief Executive Officer, Security & Commodities Authority


ADSFF 2019 - Forum Highlights

Views of Our Speakers

  • ’We welcome ADGMs efforts to integrate sustainability into its regulatory framework. There is no sustainability without transparency, hence we encourage the development of robust disclosure practices (proceeds and impact), as well as a taxonomy to classify green and sustainable investments based on existing initiatives in order to facilitate scalability’’.
    Eila Kreivi
    Head of Capital Markets, EIB

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Integrating Sustainability into ADGM Regulatory Framewok  

Integrating Sustainability into ADGM Regulatory Framewok  


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Building Strong Cooperation with National and International Players

Building Strong Cooperation with National and International Players


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Fostering Communications, Knowledge and Awareness


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